Composite Mill Liners (Rubber and Alloy)

  • Composite Lifter BarsComposite lifter bars are usually used in ball mills. They are able to improve the lifting force of the medium so that a better lifting effect can be achieved. Composite lifter bars for mine mill adopt bolt set way which brings convenience to installation and efficiency to grinding machine. Currently, they are mainly employed in mine industry...
  • Composite Mill Trunnion Liner1. Composite mill trunnion liner has smooth surface and is fixed on the mill end cover with bolts. 2. It can effectively protect end cover from abrasion of grinding machine and materials. 3. With rubber being used, anti-wear composite liner can be used for a long time. 4. Composite mill trunnion liner has stable and reliable performance. Because the company has a domestic...

Composite mill liners are particularly designed to replace alloy steel liners which often break. They are made of rubber and wearproof alloy, effectively improving the service life of liners and efficiency of grinders. At present, abrasion resistant composite liners are mainly applied in mining industry.

Composite mill liners can be divided into composite lifter bars, composite mill shell liner and trunnion liner.

Collocation Plans
Lifter bars are always used with liners. Following are several collocation plans:
1. Metal lifter bar+ rubber liner
2. Metal lifter bar+ rubber composite liner
3. Composite lifter bar+ rubber composite liner rubber liners for mills.pdf

Advantages of Composite Mill Liners
1. Abrasion resistant composite liners reduce noise (10 to 15 db lower than metal ones).
2. They are resistant to corrosion; therefore they are suitable for acid and alkaline slurry.
3. They are of simple structure, light weight and long service life (twice to four times longer than that of metal ones).
4. Composite mill liners are easy to install and maintain.
5. They enjoy properties of good shock and heat resistance.
6. Compared with that of common metal liners, the performance cost ratio of abrasion resistant composite liners is higher.
7. Composite mill liners have won certification of ISO9001 and ISO14000.

Packaging and Shipping
1. Composite mill liners should be wrapped in iron cases.
2. Available shipping ways are by sea and land transportation.

Payment and Delivery Time
1. L/C and T/T are both available.
2. Composite mill liners will be delivered within 30 to 60 days after receiving down payment.

After-sale Service
Field installation and maintenance can only be provided on the condition that the purchase orders of abrasion resistant composite liners reach a certain amount.

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