Flotation Machine Spare Parts

  • Flotation Machine Rotors and StatorsFlotation machine rotors are an important component of flotators, which can rotate to produce centrifugal force to achieve good foaming effect and full flotation. They mainly consist of metal framework and wear resisting rubber. Naipu rubber rotors include models of KYF, XCF, and BS-K8. The specification ranges from 50 m3 to 320 m3. At present, flotation...

Floatation machine spare parts are frequently used to help handle crushed minerals. They mainly include stator and rotor (also called impeller). With features of high wear resistance and good performance, rotary flotator accessories are suitable for separating copper, zinc, lead, nickel, gold and other non-ferrous metals in mining industry.

Classification of Flotation Machine Spare Parts
1. Model KYF and XCF stator and impeller
2. Model BS-K8 flotation machine stator and impeller

1. All spare parts of flotation machine adopt unique anti-wear design and are easy to maintain.
2. They have good performance and high efficiency.
3. Many rotary flotator accessories adopt rubber which boasts high elasticity, chemical stability and wear resistance. Besides, the rubber has small density, thus light and easy to change. It can absorb noise and vibration, too.
4. The designing and manufacturing of flotation machine spare parts involve many techniques.
5. The quality is trustworthy, for the production process is under strict supervision.

Features of Flotation Machine Spare Parts
1. High equilibraium precision and simple structure
2. Reasonable streamline and good flotation effectiveness
3. Light in weight and convenient in installation and maintenance hydrocyclone.pdf

Maintenance of Rotary Flotator Accessories
1. All working spare parts of flotation machine should be checked carefully every three or four months. Then, a long service life and good operational capacity can be well achieved.
2. Only experienced workers are allowed to check them.
3. Store a full set of quick wear parts so as to timely replace them and shorten stop time. According to specific circumstances, determine the use time and storage.
4. Make sure that operators should be trained to be familiar with rotary flotator accessories.
5. Check to make sure that flotation machine spare parts contact with upper and down processes before starting this machine.
6. Do not touch rotating part when the machine is working.

Choose appropriate model of flotation machine spare parts according to minerals and slurry.

Packaging and Shipping
1. Rotary flotator accessories should be packed in iron cases.
2. Available shipping methods are ocean shipment and land transportation.

Payment and Delivery Time
1. Payment: L/C and T/T.
2. Delivery time: Flotation machine spare parts will be delivered within 30 to 60 days after receiving down payment.

After-sale Service
Field installation and maintenance can only be provided on the condition that the purchase orders reach a certain amount.

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