Rubber Trommel Screen

  • Reverse Spiral Trommel ScreenReverse spiral trommel screen is used to sieve and grade minerals for further grinding. It is mainly composed of sieve, a connecting flange, a material collector, a medium fraction storage bin and a fine fraction storage bin. This high efficiency drum screen is fixed at the discharge end of an autogenous mill or grate ball mill through a connecting flange. Generally...
  • Cylindrical Trommel ScreenCylindrical trommel screen is designed with the integration of many features of other screens. Reliable as it is, it is broadly applied in minerals classification for semi-auto and auto grinding machines and ball mills. This high efficiency sieve is successfully used in a variety of metal mine mineral processing systems.1. Cylindrical trommel screen is characterized by simple structure...
  • Quality Classification Trommel ScreenMill rotary screen is able to remove broken steel balls. And it can effectively control the ore particle size for next grinding use and return middle-sized particles to regrinding drum screen. Quality classification trommel screen is made up of metal framework and rubber screen panel. Nowadays, it is suitable for autogenous mill and ball mill in various metal mine...
  • Rubber Conical Trommel ScreenRubber conical trommel screen is usually used for classifying ores by quality, and removing thick ore particles and broken steel balls. It consists of metal framework and rubber screen panel. At present, rubber screen sieve wins great popularity in mining industry.1. With adopting rubber, rubber conical trommel screen has merits of wear resistance, corrosion...

Rubber trommel screen is the discharging device of ball mills, which is often used for mineral classification. It can also remove thick mineral particles and broken steel balls. Metal framework and rubber screen panel are its main components. Contemporarily, rubber drum screen is broadly applied in mineral processing plants in non-ferrous metals mines.

Rubber trommel screen can be divided by performance into reverse spiral, cylindrical, quality classification and rubber conical trommel screen.

1. The screen panel is designed to be arc-shaped, making abrasion of rubber trommel screen surface uniform.
2. All bare parts of net rack are covered with natural vulcanized rubber lining of 3 mm thick.
3. The first lap screen panel at feed end of rubber drum screen adopts blind plate to overcome impact and abrasion caused by abnormal feedstock.
4. Rubber trommel screen has simple structure and takes less space.
5. It needs not be equipped with drive device or power source. Trommel Screen.pdf

Advantages of Rubber Trommel Screen
1. Higher screening efficiency and less blockage
2. Wear resistance and anti corrosion
3. Long service life
4. Low maintenance cost of rubber drum screen
5. Easy installation and dismantlement

Check regularly the net of rubber trommel screen for no blockage. If there is blockage, use rubber hose to knock it clean or change it.

Packaging and Shipping
1. Rubber trommel screen is expected to be packed in iron cases.
2. Ocean shipping and land transportation are both available.

Payment and Delivery Time
1. L/C and T/T are accepted types of payment.
2. Rubber trommel screen should be delivered within 30 to 60 days after the receipt of down payment.

After-sale Service
Field installation and maintenance will be offered on the condition that purchase orders of rubber drum screen reach a certain amount.

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