Composite Mill Trunnion Liner

Composite Mill Trunnion Liner

1. Composite mill trunnion liner has smooth surface and is fixed on the mill end cover with bolts.
2. It can effectively protect end cover from abrasion of grinding machine and materials.
3. With rubber being used, anti-wear composite liner can be used for a long time.
4. Composite mill trunnion liner has stable and reliable performance. Because the company has a domestic first-class professional research and development team of fluid mechanics, mechanical design and rubber technology. Besides, the company also invites renowned experts of a number of industries as technical advisers.

Installation Method
1. Pin with a lifter the pressure-bearing part in the connection place of two adjacent composite mill trunnion liners.
2. Put fasteners into the trough of lifter bar and then tighten them so that the anti-wear composite liner is installed.
3. Put clamping part into the trough as well to make the combination between composite mill trunnion liner and lifter bar closer. Thus, liners can be firmly installed on the mill end cover. rubber liners for mills.pdf

Packaging and Shipping
1. Composite mill trunnion liner should be packaged in iron cases.
2. Ocean shipping and land transportation are available.

Payment and Delivery Time
1. L/C and T/T are accepted.
2. Anti-wear composite liner should be delivered within 30 to 60 days after receiving down payment.

After-sale Service
Field installation and maintenance services will be offered unless the purchase orders of composite mill trunnion liner reach a certain amount.

Jiangxi Naipu Mining Machinery and New Materials Co., Ltd. specializes in developing, manufacturing, marketing and serving mining equipment. The company develops a variety of products covering slurry pumps, rubber stators and composite mill trunnion liner, to name a few. Nowadays, our products win great popularity among Australia, Russia, Brazil, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, and so on.

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