Grinding Mill Spare Parts

  • Mill Rubber LinersThe mill rubber liners are generally applied in ball mills, semi-auto and automatic grinders. They are mainly constituted by metal framework and wearproof rubber. Wear resistant rubber liners are very effective to improve grinding efficiency and prevent friction and abrasion.1. High abrasion resistance with a service life...
  • Composite Mill Liners (Rubber and Alloy)Composite mill liners are particularly designed to replace alloy steel liners which often break. They are made of rubber and wearproof alloy, effectively improving the service life of liners and efficiency of grinders. At present, abrasion resistant composite liners are mainly applied in mining industry.Composite mill liners can be divided into composite lifter bars...
  • Rubber Trommel ScreenRubber trommel screen is the discharging device of ball mills, which is often used for mineral classification. It can also remove thick mineral particles and broken steel balls. Metal framework and rubber screen panel are its main components. Contemporarily, rubber drum screen is broadly applied in mineral processing plants in non-ferrous metals mines...

Grinding mill spare parts generally include rubber liner, composite liner, rubber lifter bar, mill rubber panel and mill socket liner. They are mainly equipped in ball mills, autogenous and semi-autogenous mills. Now, these wear resistant ball mill accessories win wide application in mining industry.

Features and Advantages
1. Grinding mill spare parts are of high anti-wear, high performance cost ratio and high efficiency.
2. The service life is 1.5 times longer than that of metal ones.
3. The noise could be 8 to 10 db lower than that of metal ones.
4. Light as they are, grinding mill spare parts are easy to install, taking about 1/3 installation time of metal ones.
5. Wear resistant mill accessories employ abrasion resistant rubber which can absorb noise and vibration. Besides, it is able to absorb kinetic energy and impact of solid particles, which makes these spare parts more resistant to corrosion compared to high chromium alloy.
6. Grinding mill spare parts have high quality because their working process is under strict quality supervision. rubber liners for mills.pdf

Packaging and Shipping
1. Grinding mill spare parts are supposed to be packed in iron cases.
2. Ocean shipping and land transportation are both available.

Payment and Delivery Time
1. L/C and T/T are accepted types of payment.
2. Grinding mill spare parts should be delivered within 30 to 60 days after the receipt of down money.

After-sale Service
On-site installation and maintenance will be offered on the condition that purchase orders of wear resistant grinding mill accessories reach a certain amount.

Established in 2005, Jiangxi Naipu Co., Ltd. is a professional mill liners manufacturer, like grinding mill spare parts rubber liner including composite liner, rubber lifter, and so on. The company has domestic leading mining machine design capability and manufacturing techniques. Besides, Naipu positively builds up technical relationships with universities to gain their supports. Thus, these products are trustworthy in quality and certified by ISO9001.